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Beehive blueprint
Photo of a hikian forest

With a natural environment that was so abundant of flowers in spring and summertime, more honey than his family could have imagined flowed from the modest number of hives.

Martti sold honey to the neighboring villagers who without doubt would have considered this honey to be “a nectar of the gods” in a time of such shortage.  

Over the time the business grew into a modest commercial enterprise, one that you would hardly know existed. Why?

Bees working on a hive


The industry in Finland has developed since the early days of beekeeping. However, Reko Nieminen chose to follow the footsteps of his grandfather.

The company rebranded its operations and corporate image in 2016 and since then has started to develop the business more actively.

Today Hikiän beehives have grown in number, but they are still located in the very same area of woodland used by Reko’s grandfather.

Hikian honey jar on a bilberry

Reko never wants to see some of the traditional sustainable methods to change. He wants to make sure we have bees also for the next generations. That is why Hikiän still have beehives made from wood so that the bees can have as natural habitat as possible.

Were the business to close down tomorrow nature would reclaim the hives and the bees would carry on as if nothing had ever changed.

Today Hikiän is a globally awarded international company and has expanded the global reach to both Middle and Far East and the Orient. In the future Hikiän is planning to widen the market also in Europe.

Company values and actions are leaning strongly to the sustainability, 100 % naturalness as well as the wellbeing of the bees.

Hikiän Team wants to bring added value to the customers and raise knowledge of nature, wellbeing and sustainable food production.

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