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December 17, 2020

Afforestation helps fighting the climate change

Christmas is around the corner and we wanted to remember you, our customers, readers and followers, with a gift. When choosing this gift we followed our values of sustainability and integrity. We are dedicated to make a change in the world and we want to fight to slow down the climate change and support top soil.

Our Christmas present to you this year is an acre of forest in Ethiopia, where children are already suffering from the effects of climate change.

World Vision does a great job of educating farmers about the afforestation method that revives underground roots. New forest grows quickly, affordably and sustainably.

Afforestation binds carbon from the atmosphere to the soil, preventing erosion and soil depletion. It maintains biodiversity and reduces the risk of extreme events such as floods and droughts.

Cows and goats get enough nutrition and produce up to five times more milk. And most importantly, children’s nutrition will improve and the family will receive a vital income from the sale of milk. Yields are even doubling.

If you want to join us and give an ethical gift to someone you care about, go to

Bee good, do good. Happy holidays honeylovers!

Team Hikiän

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