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October 2, 2022

Fluffy Oat Rolls by Hikiän

Fall in love with these fluffy rolls and make also your guests looove your brekkie! These fluffy and healthy oat rolls get their softness from honey - yum-my! These are must-try! And complete the taste experience with the smoothest-ever Herb & Honey Butter!

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Oat rolls

What you need:

5 dl water, milk or plant milk

50g yeast of 1 pack dry yeast (we used dry yeast - easy to mix with flour)

1–2 tl salt

2 tbs Hikiän Biodynamic Honey (or other raw honey, but make sure you know the origin)

0,5 dl linseeds or sesame seeds (if you wish - these are not necessary)

1–1,5 dl oat bran (organic)

0,5 dl olive oil (organic)

about 4 dl graham flour

about 8 dl wheat flour

How to do this:

1) Mix the pack of dry yeast with flower (or if you wish to use normal yeast, dilute it to hand-warm water or milk).

2) Dilute salt and honey to hand-warm water or milk.

3) Add oil, linseeds or sesame seeds, oat brans to water and then slowly add the flour mix in.

4) Knead the dough well and let it rise twice of it size in a warm(ish) place.

5) Divide the risen dough about 15 pieces and shape them to rolls as you like.

6) Cover the rolls and rise them twice of their size in a warm(ish) place.

7) Just before baking: Brush the rolls with honeywater (just dilute some honey in to water) and sprinkle some seeds to garnish them.

8) Bake the rolls about 10–15 minutes in 225C in the middle of the oven.

This herb & honey butter will sweep off you your tongue! It is the softest and sweetest (but not too much) and tastiest spread we have had in a while - and so easy to make! Best to eat fresh but still delicious next day of being in the fridge.

Herb & Honey Butter by Hikiän:

What you need:

100 g soft butter (organic)

1–2 tbs Hikiän Biodynamic Honey (or any other raw honey, but make sure you know the origin)

a few drops of organic lemon juice (of your taste)

chopped herbs of your taste.. we used parsley, chives and lemon balm. You can also use basil or any other herb that you love.

How to do it:

Just mix all of the ingredients together and enjoy with the oat rolls!

Tip for presentation: as this spread is so soft you can put it in a piping tube and pipe it nicely on to the small bowl or a plate. Also chop some herbs on the top for garnish.

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