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February 5, 2018

Gulfood Innovation Awards 2018 finalist

These are very exciting times for Hikiän. We have just received information that Hikiän raw honey has been shortlisted for the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2018. This means that out of so many other great products Hikiän was chosen into finals. Judges has chosen only 4 products into the finals and Hikiän was one of them. This is amazing result because as you may know Gulfood is massive show. There are over 5000 exhibitors and 97 000 attendees from 185 different countries.

Outstanding from the crowd is not easy so we are truly happy that judges has also noticed that there is something very special in Hikiän Raw Honey.  And there really is. It is the only honey that is non-gmo, free from pesticides and has HMF level of 3,3 which is outstanding.  One of the great things of the product is also that it has been packed not just into a glass jar but special violet glass jar which prevents the harmful part of UV-light to get into the jar. This helps to keep the product fresh longer.

Hikiän Raw Honey is coming from Finland where the winter is quite long and cold. This means that we only have 8 weeks long season every year and production is very much relying on those 2 months. Therefore the production is and will always be limited.

Now we can only wait and see how much judges will value these features when deciding about the winner in the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2018. Come and meet us if you visit the show and taste Hikiän Raw Honey.  Our stand is located in Sheikh Saeed Hall, S2_E50.

See you soon in Dubai,Team Hikiän

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