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September 24, 2020

Honey is superior in relieving coughs and other flu symptoms

We have lived extraordinary times for about half a year, and we cannot yet know how everyday life will take shape in the future. But it is for sure that health issues have come to the fore more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, this autumn and winter it is more important than ever to try to reduce spreading other respiratory illnesses, like flu.

Of course not all the flu kind of illnesses are COVID-19 but the uncertainty is compounded because of the fact that the symptoms may be similar.

Inflammation of the airways caused by influenza viruses has of course more severe and difficult symptoms than the common cold. ”The normal flu” is caused by hundreds of different viruses, especially rhinoviruses. But both still might have symptoms like cough, fever, running nose etc.

How then can one fight against the flu illnesses?

Oxford University’s study shows that honey has several health benefits against illnesses. We have known this for long, but we are happy to get research backing up the facts.

As stated in this study honey makes the flu symptoms milder, reduces coughing and accelerates the healing of the symptoms. Honey specifically helped the cough.

This subject still requires further research but according to the study honey may even be a better remedy for the flu symptom than antibiotics.  Finnish Beekeeping Association’s project manager Anneli Salonen said in a Finnish newspaper interview that the more effective effect of antibiotics is explained by the fact that honey has many active factors, whereas antibiotics usually have only one. It is easier for a bacteria to become resistant to just one factor - honey has so many of them that the bacteria has difficulties to resist them all.

One reason for the effectiveness of honey is also explained by propolis. This natural product derived from plant resins destroys bad bacteria and viruses. Its flavonoids release antioxidants and prevent illnesses and can even heal different diseases. Proven by scientists propolis is strengthening the immune system and correctly used it also supports liver from toxins.

Propolis is perfect help for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-ulcer and especially during this season, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been tested with adults that symptoms of common cold and sore throat reduces two and a half times quicker while taking propolis. Tested with children during the usual cold season the number of colds reduces while taken propolis.

We at Hikiän want you to take care of yourself and your closest ones. Buy raw honey and propolis for the flu season. It is so good for your health and as a bonus you will sweeten up your life with amazing flavors!

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