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January 12, 2018

How to use Propolis and what is it for?

Hikiän Propolis is known for it´s ability to kill bad bacteria. It is commonly used to treat flu and sore throat. However you may also use it on to your skin.  Many people have found Hikiän Propolis useful to heal acne, eczema and skin burns. There are over 300 studies on Propolis´ effects on cancer and tumours too.

How to use Propolis? You may mix it into a glass of water by adding 10-30 drops of Hikiän Propolis into it. Some people like to use Propolis as it is and they take 1 or 2 drops directly into their mouth. We recommend to mix the propolis with water because then the taste of it is not too strong.

How to use propolis for skin problems? You simply put 1-15 drops on your skin and then rub gently. Avoid water contact to your skin at least couple of hours that you will not wash the propolis away. Let propolis stay in your skin as long as possible to achieve best results.

Hikiän Propolis was attending Natural and Organic products awardslast year in Hong Kong. The result from the awards was amazing as Hikiän Propolis won the award of Outstanding Natural/Organic Product. This award was an honour and truly clear sign that someone else has also noticed the greatness in Hikiän Propolis too.

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