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August 27, 2020

Nature is a wonderful thing

Finland celebrates Finnish Nature Day on Saturday 29th of August. We at Hikiän appreciate the power of pure nature. When left untouched, our nature is a wonderful thing. That’s why we want to stress this topic, so we all would remember to embrace the clean and green surroundings we have.

In 2017 Finland became the first country in the whole world that officially flagged for its nature. Finland’s Ministry of the Interior is recommending flagging also this year.

This tells how serious we take our nature. We Finns are privileged to enjoy the green and versatile forests, cleanest air on the planet and the purest water in the creeks and lakes.

Imagine yourself in the middle of the forest. Sky is blue, trees are green and quietly humming in the heights, there’s a light breeze on your face too. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing and the little forest stream is  babbling somewhere. There are no other sounds. Close your eyes now. Can you feel it?

This is the habitat for our bees. This is the place where the purest honey is created. And this is how we want nature to remain, undisturbed.

It doesn’t mean that people should not go to the forest - vice versa - we highly recommend it. Go to the forest. It is a peaceful place where you can lose the feelings of a stressful day or thoughts. In Häme region, where Hikiä is located, they offer forest yoga lessons. You don’t really get closer to nature than this. Next time you are visiting Finland, come and try this!

What the forest needs from us people is responsibility. Our four seasons of the year are distinct. We have long winters, our summers are short and frantic. Our nature can be called a veritable “hive” of activity. Let’s take care of it by being sustainable and smart.

If you don’t know yet where our bees live, search Hikiä from Finland’s map. You can also visit here: to get to know the region.

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