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December 11, 2019

Raw Honey and Yoghurt

Raw Honey and Yoghurt

If you go to the supermarket today there is an incredible array of yoghurts available to the point it is almost impossible to tell which are good for you and which are not so good. It seems that long gone are the days when yoghurt simply had some added fruit for extra flavor and that was all. Today it seems that unless you are careful, your yoghurt comes with preservatives, colouring, some form of reconstituted fruit and an incredible amount of sugar.

If you look hard you can find yoghurt without added sugar, but so many fruit pulps added to yoghurt are almost pure sugar in themselves. Whatever you have in the pot, it has been refined and processed to almost an inch of its life and is a long way off what was originally milk from cows and fruit off a bush, plant or tree.

It is a shame that yoghurt has been so adulterated when, in its natural form, it is generally considered good for you and for you bone health owing to the level of calcium contained in it.

So, if you are going to turn plain yoghurt into something truly delicious and even better for your health, what better way than to add some raw Hikian honey or, better still, some raw Hikian bilberry honey. All you need now is the yoghurt itself and, in the spirit of eating healthily, plain yoghurt is without the best option. If you like your yoghurt a little thicker and creamier, then either a full-fat or low-fat Greek-style yoghurt would make a great treat as an alternative.

Of course you don’t have to stop there, as you can also add some health-promoting fibre in the form of oats or bran, perhaps wheatgerm, that will also help you to feel fuller for longer if you also happen to be on a diet or are keen to watch your weight.

Where can I buy high quality organic propolis and honey?

You can buy high quality organic propolis and honey at our Hikiän online store.

Our products have organic certification, multiple organic awards and we do world wide delivery.

Hikiän online store is located at

About Hikiän

Wild nature, millions of flowers and a clean Scandinavian environment creates the perfect combination to produce delicious honey.

It is important for us at Hikiän that we are able to offer honey which is unheated and untreated directly from the bee hives.

To guarantee the premium quality we have chosen to use our bee hives in the best places from the countryside in Finland.

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