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March 2, 2022

Hikiän Goes Superyachting

Hikiän biodynamic honey is going to conquer the world's largest super yachts.

Hikiän has partnered with Superyacht Foodie which is primarily a marketing space for niche, luxury food & drink producers to enter the super yacht market. They source support and promote sustainable, organic, vegan, gluten-free and delicious fine foods yet to be discovered by this exceptionally affluent yachting community.

In partnership with Superyacht Foodie Hikiän is now delivering their premium and exclusive products globally to the world's largest super yachts.

  • Partnership with Superyacht Foodie was started with the help of Business Finland. This is a great thing, says Hikiän CEO Reko Nieminen.

Hikiän has been in the international market before. Mainly the business has been to Asia and Far East but now Hikiän will open doors to the niche luxury market in Europe as well.

Hikiän is the first and only biodynamic honey producer in Finland. Demeter certification is very strict international quality standard which guarantees that the product is 100 % pure and natural. In Demeter honey production also the wellbeing of the bees is very strongly inspected and controlled.

Wellbeing of the bees and the maintaining the biodiversity of the nature are the most important things for the Hikiän team. The company values lean strongly to the sustainability and that shows in their lifestyle and business. Hikiän wants to be a leader and trendsetter in biodiversity conservation activities.

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