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November 22, 2017

Hikiän Raw Honey laboratory tests results released

Hikiän Raw Honey is 100% free from pesticides and GMO

Hikiän have run large laboratory tests for Hikiän Raw Honey and Hikiän Propolis products. Company decided to invest in laboratory tests to get even more detailed information about Hikiän products. Hikiäns aim was to find out how special beekeeping methods such as keeping the bee hives in remote forests is affecting to honey and propolis extract.

Laboratory tests showed that Hikiän Raw Honey is 100% free from pesticides and GMO. The result was not surprising for the company itself as they have been aiming for this all the time when planning the bee farms location. Marketing director Kiia Hynnä comments the results: ”We at Hikiän have been more than delighted that beekeeping methods are working in the way we have planned. The results are exactly what we were hoping to achieve and we believe that this is what our customers are looking for.” Company will release more labroratory results early in 2018.

BeeAround Ay is located in Finland and the main industry is bee related products such as honey and propolis. Currently the company is trading Hikiän products worldwide and main customers are located in Hong Kong, Malesia and Taiwan.

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