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December 15, 2017

Hikiän Raw Honey is now Halal Certified

Halal Certification was admitted to Hikiän Raw Honey 11th of December by The Islamic Society of Finland. Certification was signed by Imam Mohamad Anas Hajjar.

Hikiän applied Halal Certification to certify production methods and add more knowledge to customers about Hikiän products. Certification will be valuable for customers who wants to be sure that production is following Halal Certificated methods. Halal Certification will be added to website. It will also be noticed in Hikiän Social media channels.

BeeAround Ay is located in Finland and the main industry is bee related products such as honey and propolis. Currently the company is trading Hikiän products worldwide and main customers are located in Hong Kong, Malesia and Taiwan.

Hikiän, BeeAround Ay, Contact person:
Managing Director
Reko Nieminen
Phone +358 40 570 7951
[email protected]

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